Sunday, June 21, 2009

So much.....catch up!

Well in the month and a half that I havent been keeping up with things on here, I've turned 18, graduated high school, went to one of my best friends bridal/baby shower, celebrated 6 months with my boyfriend, applied for classes, and went to the Men's College World Series.

I'm 18 now! Not really anything different about that though. My friends tried to kidnap me and take me to a casino, I got a new driver's license, and I'm now legal to vote. My 18th birthday party was joined with my family's Mothers' Day party. My sister and mom made me a Belle birthday cake. I always wanted a homemade birthday cake but Mom usually didn't have the time when I was younger. I loved the cake and it tasted pretty good!

My next milestone was graduating. I was my class's valedictorian so I had to give a speech at graduation. I was more than nervous. Speaking in front of a thousand people was never something that I was excited about doing. I got it over with though, and suprisingly accepted two scholarships. A million pictures, a dozen cards, and a rice krispy graduation hat later, the night was over. I had my diploma to show for it. It was weird to realize that I had finished high school. I made a slide show with pictures of my senior year on it and I kept watching it amazed at how fast it all went by.

A week after graduation, we had a dinner at Chili's for my friend Randa. She is pregnant and was leaving for California to get married to her boyfriend who is in the Navy. We had a bachelorette/congrats on the baby/ goodbye party. It was so weird seeing my friend of so many years getting ready to start a completely different life. I know we were all starting something new but she was starting a whole new life with a family and everything. It's unbelievable.

My boyfriend, Coady, and I have been together for 6 months as of June 10. It may not seem like that long but for a high school relationship it is. I have never been in a relationship nearly this long. To celebrate, we went out a few days early and went to a movie. We got dressed up and watched Angels & Demons. After the movie we went and got drinks at Sweet Bay and walked around Creekmore. It was fun and relaxing and not that expensive of a date. Considering neither one of us have jobs right now thats important!

I went and applied for my college classes early in June. I met a new friend while I was up there and signed up for four classes totaling 14 hours of credit. It made me glad that I took college algebra in high school so that I get three hours of college credit to start off with.

And last but not least...College World Series! My family goes to basically all of the home Razorback games, and some of the close away ones. This year the hogs made it to Omaha! We went up there for their first two games, came home for two days then went back. Coady got to go the second time we went up there. We went to games, the zoo, a safari, this awesome sporting goods store, Cheese Burger in Paradise, KC Masterpiece, Valentinos, and T-Rex. So much fun stuff! Even though I wanted the hogs to win it all, I was glad they made it to the final four.