Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Volunteer, study, sleep, eat, class, baseball, repeat.

Once again I drifted away from writing this blog, due to being tied up in too many things. My course load is just two credit hours more this semester, but an extra 5-10 hours of studying a week. Usually, if I'm in my room, I am either studying, doing homework, or sleeping. That's not to say I don't have a social life. Actually, you might say that it's improved. I recently started dating Nathan, my friend who helped me study Cal II. He's been a good friend since about Thanksgiving Break, but I really have got to know him better this semester. More about him in a later blog though.

So lately, Ciara and I have been volunteering for everything! Apart from already being in Honors College Student Ambassadors, Lead Hogs, and being very active in random volunteering opprotunities last semester, I've added Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, Diversity Impact, Loving Choices, and tutoring twice a week to the list. Sometimes when I'm having to crunch and schedule to get everything to fit in, I wonder if it's all worth it. Yet, there isn't really anything I would want to drop, because they're all really good organizations and working with them alongside my friends is part of my social time. It may be stressful sometimes, but I tell myself that someone has to help make a difference, why not me.
My only actual no-strings-attatched relax time is baseball. I only made it to one game of the opening series last weekend due to my schedule, but I hadn't realized how much I missed baseball season: the food, the family/friends, the game, the jokes, and once again, the food. I have a class that ends at 3:20 on Fridays so I'm going to have to miss first pitch until they start going to 6:00 games, but other than that, I'm making a strong effort to be at every game possible, keep my grades up, and still be involved in volunteering.
Just three weeks til Spring Break: a road trip with the girls!
P.S. I just realized I've had this blog for a year...not many entries, but still fun to look back on how much things have changed in a year :)