Monday, March 15, 2010

Lose your identity, lose yourself

So the past few days have been hectic to say the least. On Thursday, I lost my wallet & keys, meaning I lost everything. I had no drivers license, student ID, debit card, keys to my truck, keys to my dorm, and even my social security card was gone.
I ended up having to cancel with the school that I tutor at on Tuesdays and Thursdays, because I had no good way to get there. Frustrated, and feeling guilty for letting down the students and bugging my friends and boyfriend who were helping me look, I went back to the dorm. I kept looking at my checking account, calling all the lost and founds on campus, and talking to my dad trying to figure out what I could do.
I had little cash and no student ID, so I couldn't eat in the cafeteria. My friends tried to take me out to eat, but I refused to let them buy me dinner. I, instead, opted for eating Ramen and a egg & sausage biscuit in my dorm room alone. It helped me think out how to go about things, and it calmed me down.
On Friday, I woke up with the hopes that someone would turn in my wallet and keys and that all would be ok. I kept checking every lost and found, to the point they recognized my voice when they answered the phone. They didn't seem to understand why I was so insistent and thorough about finding my stuff. I just wanted to scream,"You would be too if you lost all your identification, money, and keys. You try to function without them!".
All the constant looking without any progress or reward was making me more and more crazy. I felt confined and I had to depend on my roommate to give me rides and let me in the room. I just wanted to be able to drive somewhere, or do something.
The weekend passed with no news. Saturday, Ciara and I just sat around our room together because our friends had gone home for the weekend. I kept getting online and trying to find my wallet, but university offices close on the weekend. Mom and dad brought up my birth certificate and other information on Sunday.
Today, I've been able to get a new student ID and drivers license. I made sure that my debit card was still frozen, and I'm looking into getting a new one of those. I have extra keys to my truck now, but I'm still without a room key and door opener to get into my dorm.
I don't know how I would have made it through this without my parents, friends, and boyfriend, who all made me take a step back and realize that while it's an inconveinience, it's not the end of the world. I'll be able to get my life back in order before long.