Saturday, October 23, 2010

Back to normal(ish)

So once again it's Friday night at the desk...

It's parents weekend= lots of random parents around til midnight, then the girls leave for parties and come back at the wee hours of the morning.

This doesn't seem to be smart considering the game starts at 11:21 tomorrow...

Speaking of, I'm glad I got my nap in earlier because I likely won't be able to sleep til tomorrow night after 10ish. Crazy!

I slept out at the stadium last night, and it was surprisingly comfortable. It was kinda cool to fall asleep under the stars of Fayetteville and wake up when people were walking by to go to class (in a socially acceptable manner haha)

I have the most amazing friend for bringing me a drink to my shift :) Thanks Ciara!!!

I really hope it doesn't rain for gameday. Painting would NOT work. Not to mention how miserable it would be.

A girl just asked if she could feed the fish. 1) It's 1 AM, go to bed. 2) No, that's done during the day. 3) Don't pout when I say no. It's a fish, you're not 5.

The blustery wind keeps making the doors slam shut. It's kinda funny to watch the girls jump as they walk in.

dear insomnia,

We're doing this again?

sincerely, College Student

ha ha I like

How did I finish a Route 44 in an hour and a half?! shift is over! Now time to shower and get ready for the game! WPS!

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