Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day(s)

So most people would be jumping up and down at the thought of being out of school for 3 days to go play in the snow. I admit, last year I would have been right there with the girls on my floor screaming with joy at each RazAlert text. This year, however, it's just getting annoying. I am stuck in my dorm, deciding on a program everyday, rescheduling the whole rush week I planned, unable to get help from my drill instructor on diff eq, and dreading the massive backlog of work that's sure to hit once we go back. Now that I've aired my grievances about the snow days, I'll say the good things. :)

Since we've had a small program everyday, I've got to meet a few more girls on my floor. And the ones who didn't come, I still know their faces because we've all been stuck in this building for 3 days. They've even started coming to me to ask questions! Can't wait to have an actual bond with these girls, though it's sad that I'm only their RA for a semester.

I've had a lot more chill time, and that's let me realize why I like school. I had such a good study schedule working out, including built in homework time on Mondays and Thursdays (academic and desk hours). Since I got all my homework done on Monday, I've just been making adjustments as they come to the events I'm working on. I've set up a fundraiser for my Relay for Life team, rescheduled the Phi Rho rush events we had, done my bulletin board for the month, looked at bulletin board ideas for next month, found the program I tried to do last semester and tweaked it, and lastly just sat on my bed and watched tv/read. It's been so weird to not have class assignments to work on, but I've gotten so much other stuff I wouldn't have had time for done.

I have food, clean room, clean laundry, and an amazing view of the snow; I think I'll be alright. My favorite part of all of this is the snow pictures I've acquired. Once again, go to my facebook page to check them out.

Oh and if you would like to make a donation to my Relay for Life team, click on the link:

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