Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Starting the summer

So I know I failed at keeping up with this blog yet again. Life just kinda got in the way. After finals and check outs (a torture story all on it's own) I went home to celebrate my little nephew's 1st birthday. Needless to say the cuteness factor was off the charts, and I loved having all my niblings around. Oh and the Schlutasaurus and "dinosaur bones" were pretty awesome too.

When all the fun was over and everyone had left, it was time for me to head back to Fayetteville and move from one dorm to another (my summer home). Mom and Dad helped me, thank goodness! I've learned that having a room to yourself doesn't give you more space, you just collect more crap. The next morning was the beginning of training. We went through a soderquist course in pouring down rain and sat through many little meetings. We definitely had some team bonding!

After all the training was over we got to make beds. Now when I say make beds, I mean we made hundreds upon hundreds of beds, hospital corners and all. Singing and goofing off got us through the monotany.

Now we've got thousands of WalMart associates on campus, filling every dorm. We've got to work at least 40hrs this week, and I'm preparing to work a 20hr shift. Yay for overtime pay!

So far it looks to be a summer full of great friends, easy work, and lots of prayers.

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