Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's a love story.....

Senior prom 2009...Love Story

It was one of the greatest nights ever. Friends, food, dancing, reminiscing, riding around in a nice car, and getting dressed up. All some of my favorite things and I had over 12 straight hours of it. My dress was gorgeous, something out of a dream. It was styled like the Disney Princess Belle's yellow ball gown. I felt like a princess the entire night as I wore it. I even had a little girl run up to me when we were eating wanting to touch my dress. It was almost heartbreaking when her mom scooped her up real fast and scolded her. I felt like I got her in trouble.

The original plans were for my friends to meet at my house, then Coady and I would go to where his mom works, and then we'd meet up again with everyone at the the restraunt. Plans never completely go right though. My friends were running half an hour late so after Coady and I took pictures at my house we decided to just have my friends meet us at his mom's work and then we'd go to Cheddar's together. I almost freaked out when we got to Cheddar's because the wait was going to be so long, but they hurried things along and we were seated in about half an hour. The food was delicious and we got out of there in plenty of time to get downtown.

The prom itself was beautiful. The Junior class went all out and it showed. The theme was based off of Taylor Swift's song Love Story. The colors were black, silver, and a light blue. They had a punch fountain and a chocolate fountain. The dj was great and since most of us knew him he played whatever song we wanted without any questions. I danced almost every song. I never got bored.

After prom we walked outside to find that it was pouring down rain. Some of the streets to the bowling alley were completely flooded and we had to drive slow to keep from hydroplaning. Once we got to the bowling alley, we realized there was no way we were going to bowl anytime soon. Coady and a couple of my friends decided to just go back to my house and watch a movie.

It was a relief to get home safe and sound and out of the rain. We watched Another Cinderella Story to continue the princess feeling of the night. A couple more friends joined us before we headed to senior breakfast at the church hall. Basically, senior breakfast is a way for parents to get their kids in from the parties. After breakfast we headed back home and finished the movie.

Even the stressful parts of last night are already funny. I'm a little sad thats it's my last prom but I'm glad it was as perfect as it could be.

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