Sunday, May 3, 2009

Almost there!

My Senior year is coming to an end. AP testing starts this week, then regular semester finals, senior dinner, bacculareate, senior trip, and finally graduation. My English teacher wasn't lying when she said this year would be expensive and would go by fast. I keep looking at my senior scrapbook and it seems like the beginning entries were only a couple of weeks ago and not ten or eleven months ago. Senior year has been filled with many memories including Disney World, dance camp, Chaselyn being born, the football team taking State, our Wii Christmas, the basketball girls also taking State, meeting and eventually dating Coady, and all the numerous times just hanging out goofing around with friends. I just wonder how many of my friends I'll actually keep in touch with.

I know we all say that we'll still talk and visit each other during college, but part of my reason for going to college where I'm going was to make new friends. I'm definitely not going to just drop my friends but I think its important to branch out and not just stick with the same people your whole life. There are a few people that no matter where you go or what you do you'll always be friends. College is a test of those kinds of friendships.

As my last days of high school approach I can't help but wonder if I made the most of it. Looking at my scholarship resume, I guess I could have done more community service, had a job, and made a little bit better grades. On the other hand, I had dance to keep me busy all the time, the toughest course-load of my class, was an officer in many school clubs, kept a 3.91 GPA, volunteered for my teachers and the softball team, and somehow kept a social life through all of it. There are a few moments in high school that I regret, but all of those taught me something. Sometimes I feel bad because I'm not doing anything to change the world like the kids I see on the news. Then I realize that they are on the news because they are doing something that is sadly rare.

I've just had a lot going through my head lately with the stress of finals and my graduation speech. I just felt like typing it all out where I could read it would make it all straighten out.

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  1. In case I haven't told you, I really am proud of you sis! I have been worried about how you would fit in to a small school, how you would develop socially and academically. but you've almost made it all the way through and carried yourself with dignity and grace. I can't wait to see how things finish out for you in high school and see how you mature in college. I'm sad that I wasn't around for more of your big milestones. You've had such a great year. And hopefully, it only gets better! You're great!