Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break!....around the house

So while all my friends are here and there in different parts of the country, celebrating their week off, I am at home pretty much all week. Such is the punishment for getting in a wreck that costs your parents a couple thousand dollars. I've known since October that I wasn't going to get to go anywhere for Spring Break, but I guess I just never realized the full extent of that. Not only am I still here but because all my friends are gone, I can't call anyone up to go hangout. The only company I have had besides my parents is my boyfriend and a couple of his guy friends. Its fun to joke around with them but I can't wait for my girl-friends to get back ha ha.

The weather is also making this Spring Break difficult. Its warm and sunshiny for an afternoon and then rainy by that night. Its supposed to snow this weekend! The forecast is a roller coaster of precipitation and cold and warm and sunny. Today it was raining really hard but it had stopped storming so my boyfriend and I took the four-wheeler out and attempted to go mudding. We made it about ten minutes in the cold rain before we decided that it wasn't the best idea.

Though this Spring Break hasn't exactly been amazing, I am thankful for the time off of school and the extra time it gives me to write scholarship stuff. I can't believe I have less than two months until graduation. I probably won't see half my classmates again after graduation night. I'm making myself a slideshow/movie thing of my senior year. Already it's mind boggling to think about all the awesome things that happened this year. I thank God for every moment of this dream year, even for the parts that seemed more like nightmares. I have grown up a lot this year and the good times and the hard times were the cause of that.

I just hope I have grown up enough to go to college on my own in the fall. I know I won't be completely alone, but I won't be living with family anymore. Just the thought of that is weird to me. I've always seen where I'm going to college as a kind of second hometown, but is it really home if your family isn't there? I know my brother will probably still be living in a house right next to campus but it's not the same. I will be sharing a room with someone I won't even know for the first few weeks, and a bathroom with a dozen girls I don't know. I'm excited to make new friends but there is a difference between making new friends and being forced to make friends.

And what becomes of my old friends? Of my close friends, none of us are going to the same college. And what about Coady and me? I mean supposing our relationship lasts through the summer, then what? I just keep thinking what a big life change college is and it just feels like I am beginning a whole new life. But then again, it can't be that difficult to deal with. Millions of teens do it every year. The more I think the more I realize how easily things change with time. Then again, I overthink a lot.

So while this post started out as a Spring Break complaint, as always my thoughts turned to college. Next Spring Break I won't be left home, I'll be coming home for a week.

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  1. Heya Goober! I'm sorry your SB is not as fun-filled as you would like. Just enjoy this time of sitting and doing nothing. I would love LOVE to come and sit on the porch swing and watch the birds or even read a book (gasp!).

    You are right in thinking that college will change you. But it will make you grow up (not too much though). You'll learn to appreciate the little things more and have the time of your life.

    It sounds like you're still planning on U of A (that or Heath is moving to Tech). I hope everything works out for you.

    I miss you and the fam! Go out and spend some time with dad on the farm for me. And watch some Oprah with mom for me. And then just sit in the quiet a little and take it all in. Mom and dad gave us such a good home. You won't know how great it is to go back until you can't go back as much as you want to.