Sunday, November 8, 2009

My favorite things

So my sister, who is the pretty much the only one that reads this blog, requested me to do this and get back to blogging. As you wish, sis.

The rules: share five things you're obsessed with

#1. My phone: I feel weird if I go anywhere without my phone. Even if I'm not always using it, I don't like it when people can't contact me or vice-versa. For this reason I've been through many a phone lately....some lasting longer than others.

#2. Living on campus: I like being able to walk everywhere. Classes, sporting events, food, and the gym are all just footsteps away from my dorm. Also shopping is just a 1 to 10 min drive fom the dorm depending on where I'm going and how bad traffic is.

#3. Taking Random Pictures: I've learned that some of the best pics of me and friends come from when we're just goofing off. I love to take some of these pictures and print them out in black and white. They look so good and are cute little memories to keep around.

#4. Making People Smile: My friends and I've learned to pass time by "pranking" some of my other friends. These pranks are usually just random acts of kindness that end up making people smile. We've been deemed the " Birthday Bandits" but we don't do just birthdays :).

#5. A website that I've heard from a friend that takes you to awesome random websites and I've found many cool pictures and articles using it. Of course you have to sort through some not so cool things but otherwise it's great.

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  1. Thank you for catching me up Goober! Miss you lots! Can't wait until Thanksgiving.